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Chardonnay Wine

Chardonnay Wine is native of France (Burgundy) and it name comes from Chardonnay, the homonymous village of Mâconnais in Burgundy.

Vine widespread in France, where it is the main component vine of prestigious wines and champagnes, in Italy it has spread throughout the national territory and in particular in “Spumante” areas.

It is considered as the most versatile international grape variety, as it always provides good quality levels with different expressions based on the characteristics of the terroir.

Cantina Bettona uses it both for the production of Chardonnay Wine – Umbria IGP and for the production of other white wines, fresh or aging, and also for sparkling wine.

As young, it has strong notes of tropical and white fruits, fresh and pleasant. After aging it is remarkably complex with bouquet characterized by spicy smells.



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